The Mi Amor Baby Change Mat and Clutch - Handmade in Australia

Australia's most luxurious baby change mat - guaranteed to last from newborn to nappy free

You're a great mum... and your kids deserve the best that you can give them!

Introducing a luxurious, incredibly durable baby mat and clutch made out of real leather.


Mi Amor Family Welsh

Hey Mumma!

I’m Sarah.

And this is me and my husband Aaron, son Chippy and daughter Autumn.

I’m the founder and head designer at Mi Amor.

And I want to tell you something you may or may not already know….

Most baby change mats are terrible!!

They’re artificial vinyl or pvc sheets rolled up with a velcro tab and if you’re lucky a small pocket for a nappy or two.

And unsurprisingly  - they feel really unnatural against baby's skin.  

Plus, it doesn’t take long at all before they look worn out, dated and headed for the dumpster, ready to be replaced in six months with another plastic mat that won’t last.

I started Mi Amor as a young mum looking to find a baby mat that was different.

I wanted to create a baby mat that was soft, natural, hygienic, easy to clean, able to hold all the necessities of change time and that was lightning fast to pull out and pack away. 

Most of all I wanted to create something that you would only have to buy once, a change mat that was going to last from newborn to nappy free - no matter how many kids you have. 

Something you could use, again and again and again.

And I’m happy to say I have achieved that…

mat combo Mi Amor
A luxurious, incredibly durable baby mat, personalised with your initials and a clutch made out of real leather.

The Mi Amor baby change mat and clutch are all-natural, hand-crafted products made from the finest high-grade Italian leather.

Leather of this calibre is unbelievably soft so will feel wonderful against your baby’s skin.

And feels like a beautiful handbag and has plenty of room to carry all the necessities of change time and extra space for a phone, wallet and creams.

With a change mat this lux, prepare to transform one of the more challenging parts of motherhood into one of the best parts of the day!

Mi Amor mat Tan

The Baby change mat and clutch in Tan

How the Mi Amor baby change mat and clutch was conceived

My husband Aaron, a fantastic leather craftsman, suggested real leather as a durable and natural alternative to the throw away change mats on the market.

Aaron’s leather goods are guaranteed to last for years and grow richer in character with age.

So we searched high and low for a tannery that produced a leather that was not only incredibly soft and gorgeous to the touch, but something that would be able to stand up to all the rigors of motherhood, be easy to clean and be extremely durable for a long time. 

After months of research and countless prototypes we finally settled on a beautiful Italian leather, we tested it for a year on our own kids to see how it performed and were blown away by its quality, that was it - the Mi Amor change mat and clutch was born!


Sarah Welsh Mi Amor Mat
Natural soft leather is comfortable and kind to your babys skin

How do you clean it and whats in the Mi Amor Baby change mat bundle?

I wanted to be able to create the baby change mat bundle with everything mums are going to need for change time without the fuss of buying extras and addons.

So, included with the baby change mat (personally embossed with your initials) and the clutch is a unique mat cleaner and hand sanitiser. 

Thats right, 100mls of an alcohol free mat cleaning spray that you can use to sanitise your hands straight after baby change time. The unique formula of the mat cleaner is gentle on the leather and because it is alcohol free - it wont dry or damage your hands either.

The soft Italian leather we use is incredibly easy to clean - just like the leather seats in high end European sports cars any mess is simply sprayed and wiped away with a baby wipe - making nappy change time easy and hygienic!


mat cleaner spray Mi Amor

So, you get an incredible handmade change mat with your initials, along with the cleaner bundled in a gorgeous leather clutch.

The difference is in the materials and craftsmanship - and the 3 year guarantee!

Combined with high end materials, all Mi Amor products are 100% handmade in our small Sydney workshop so that at all times we can ensure that the workmanship is of an exceptional standard.

From the first cut of the leather down to the last stitch, the process is handmade so that we can promise the longest life out of your baby change mat and clutch.
We believe in the quality of our leather and craftsmanship so much that we guarantee your Mi Amor product will last for at least 3 years of daily use. 

That’s right, if at anytime during  the next 3 years there’s an issue, simply email us at and we will repair or replace your change mat or clutch - completely free of charge.


Mi Amor overshot

Now, for those of you know know the cost of handmade leather goods you’re probably thinking “How much is this going to cost?” and to be honest, for a handmade leather clutch on its own just like this you could expect to pay anywhere from $300 - $2000….

But you’ll be happy to know that the Mi Amor baby change mat bundle doesn't go for anywhere near that

I want to be able to make our bundle available to Aussie mums from every walk of life so I'm happy to be able to offer this bundle for only $180. 

Mi Amor tan
Handmade leather clutches are usually in the hundreds often well into the thousands of dollars.

Now you could stick with your current mat, see it wear out over the next 6 months, replace it again and again all the while exposing baby to unnatural irritating materials, 


Pickup the best baby change mat you’ll ever own. 

After all, a baby mat is something you are going to use daily for years and years - why not buy quality?

Personalised and complete with a cleaner and a leather clutch so good your friends will think its a high end purse. 

If that sounds good to you, please scroll down and choose your new change mat below.

Just letting you know: we produce an extremely limited amount of products each year. So if you want one, please move fast to avoid disappointment. 

Once again, just click on the link below to choose your new mat and clutch!


Sarah Welsh
Mi Amor Founder 


The Mi Amor Change Mat and Clutch bundle