Cleaning the Baby Mat


Baby mats can get pretty dirty....


Fortunately, the topside of the leather baby mat is completely sealed making it extremely "mess" resistant!

In order to eliminate germs completely from your mat we have formulated a unique alcohol-free blended cleaning spray that doubles as a hand sanitiser.

Thats right, spray the mat with our mat cleaning spray and wipe away any residual mess with a baby wipe, after you're done use the same spray to sanitise your hands - simple.

Read more about our Baby mat cleaning spray and hand sanitiser in our products page.

Considering our baby mat is 100% real leather it is not recommended that it be put through the wash. Washing or submerging the mat in water will dry the leather out and it will lose its softness.

In the case of an extreme mess, spray and wipe can be used on the topside of the leather, its very durable and wipes away cleanly - just like leather car seats.

If using an alternative branded cleaning spray, make sure that it is alcohol free as alcohol will damage the leather longterm.